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Successful real estate development begins with a keen eye, a vision for the future and a well-conceived plan. Where others see obstacles, at Concentric Development we often find opportunity. From discovering the prime piece of land, to raising the proper capital, developing innovative recycling strategies that support green initiatives and your bottom-line, to finding our way through the meandering political landscape, we create more than just communities.


And even if you’re a seasoned professional searching for the best way to get it done, or an investor looking for the resources and know how to capitalize on a window of good fortune, our advisory services will show you the way to security.


Concentric Development.  The right solutions, at the right time. Right here. Right now.


Recent Projects Updates:


Irby Ranch | Pleasanton, CA


We are very excited and proud to present our vision for the Irby Ranch project in the City of Pleasanton.  Irby Ranch is a creative collection of approximately 90 small lot, single family detached, new homes coupled with a non-profit affordable housing special enclave serving a special group and highlighted by a historical farm-stead.  We expect Irby Ranch to break ground during the second half of 2017.


To read more about this project, please visit:


Land Development and Entitlement

Land Use

  • Rezone
  • General Plan Amendment
  • Specific Plan Amendment
  • Conditional Use Permit
  • Verifying title and/or clearing title exceptions that impede development of the property
  • Ordinance alignment for growth and/or development constraints, growth allotments, etc.

Subdivision Map Act

  • Planned Unit Development (PUD's)
  • Condominium Maps
  • Vesting Tentative Map
  • Final Map
  • California Environmental Quality Act Documents (ND, MND, EIR, Supplemental EIR,  Addendum to EIR)

Resource Agency Map

  • Federal Endangered Species Act Sections 7 & 10
  • State Endangered Species Act - Sections 2081 & 1602
  • Federal Clean Water Act - Sections 401 & 404
  • Habitat Conservation Plan (where applicable)

Entitlements Description

Project Entitlements include any and all discretionary (city council or Board of Supervisors vote) approvals necessary to file a final map and build the project. A typical application will include the following;

  • Civil Engineering plan
  • Grading Plan
  • Utilities Plan
  • Stormwater Management Plan
  • Photometric Study
  • Noise & Vibration Analysis
  • Geotechnical Study
  • Environmental Study
  • Traffic Study
  • Architecture plans
  • Landscape Architecture Plans (including irrigation plan & planting list)
  • Arborist Report

Advisory Services

Strategic Land Asset Management

Concentric Development Group provides advisory services to private landowners and private and public investors for real property (land). Concentric develops and implements the strategic planning and positioning plan to maximize value and create exit strategies that were not previously available for landowners and investors. Strategies include developing and executing a Business Plan with clear objectives and milestones that appropriately balance a vast array of variables and executing on that plan. Some, but certainly not all of the variables that are typically part of the plan include the following; land use designation optimization under the relevant General Plan or Specific Plan (city or county), specific site opportunities and constraints analysis, local land use policy opportunities and constraints analysis, economic analysis, site/project land planning, product design & development, local entitlement processing, federal & state (environmental) permits processing, political & stakeholder coordination & management, local land use policy alignment, and market risk & opportunities analysis. All of the forgoing are aligned and appropriately balanced and tailored to meet the specific set of goals and objectives of the owner and/or investor.

Construction Recycling & Dirt Management

Concentric Development Group has developed creative and strategic recycling methods for construction materials that serve the spirit of the green construction movement while effectively mitigating demolition costs. With sufficient geotechnical approach and data, we can create fill materials from used materials, which help decrease site development costs. We have developed processing techniques for concrete, asphalt, and potentially some contaminated soils, that allow them to be recycled and used with other fill material for site development. Additionally, Concentric maintains a vast array of sources for clean, native fill materials and a trucking and barge transport network that is cost effective and efficient.

Capital Procurement

Concentric Development Group invests its own capital into every deal, and leverages longstanding relationships with a close group of private investors, providing a broad range of investment capability.

Expert Testimony

Concentric Development Group provides expert witness services to private landowners in eminent domain cases that require specialized knowledge of land development, entitlement, and/or investment for valuation purposes.

Political/Stakeholder Alignment

Concentric Development Group, as part of the overall entitlement strategy for a particular property or project, identifies and works towards alignment of public policy, elected officials, and relevant stakeholders and works within these groups until a path for success is achieved. Concentric builds consensus and support among constituents through participation in community events, community outreach, interviews with policy makers and city/county staffs, focus groups, ad hoc committees, task forces, neighborhood watch groups, etc. Concentric participates in local fundraising events for charities, community importance and strives to become a part of the local community with sincerity and genuine interest in balancing the local interests and needs with the property or project overall goals and objectives.


Advisory Services


Typical Project Processing

City and County »

  • Planned Unit Development
  • Condominiums
  • Specific Plan Development
  • Political Strategy
  • Strategic Stakeholder Management
  • General Plan Amendments
  • Zoning
  • Vesting Tentative Map
  • Final Map
  • Certified California Environmental Quality Act Certification
  • Development Growth Allocations (as applicable)
  • Preliminary and final Master Development Plans
  • Union Project Labor Agreement (PLA) Negotiations & Contract Development

Federal and State »


  • California Endangered Species Act (CESA)/California Department of Fish & Game (CDFG)
  • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
  • Federal Endangered Species Act (FESA)
  • Federal Clean Water Act (Sections 404 & 401)
  • Federal & State Historic Preservation Act (Section 106)
  • Federal Clean Water Act

Federal & State Agencies

  • California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW)
  • California State Water Resources Board (SWQCB)
  • United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS)
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
  • Federal Historic Preservation Office
  • State Historic Preservation Office
  • Environmental Protection Agency

Typical Project Submittal Requirements

Civil »

  • Tentative Map
  • Existing Site Topography and Demolition Plan
  • Site Plan
  • Preliminary Grading Plan
  • Preliminary Utility Plan
  • Preliminary Erosion Control Plan
  • Preliminary Post Construction Stormwater Control Plan
  • Architectural Site Plan

Geotechnical & Hydrologic »

  • Geologic History of site
  • Regulatory Agency publications, files, agent interviews
  • Soil boring samples & substructure evaluation
  • Construction Recommendations Report

Environmental Site Assessment »

  • Site Inspection
  • Site historical land use research
  • Aerial historic photo log
  • Hazardous material evaluation
  • Risk Assessment

Landscape »

  • llustrative Site Plan
  • Typical Front yards
  • Open Space
  • Photosimulations
  • Planting Plan
  • Site Elements
  • Irrigation Plan
  • Landscape Water Use Calculations

Architecture »

  • Typical lot
  • Elevations all sides
  • Street scape renderings
  • Floor plans with all optional configurations
  • Materials Boards
  • Color Boards

Advisory Services

Resource Agency Permits

  • Federal Endangered Species Act Sections 7 & 10
  • State Endangered Species Act - Sections 2081 & 1602
  • Federal Clean Water Act - Sections 401 & 404
  • Habitat Conservation Plan (where applicable)

Anton Hacienda

Apartment project in Pleasanton, California comprised of 168 apartments, clubhouse, community garden, and open space.

Redbridge in Tracy

Master Planned mixed use project in Tracy, California comprised of 435 homes, a general store, swim center, community garden, and multiple housing product types.

Portola in Livermore

70 multi-family attached town homes project on Portola and First Street in Livermore, California, near downtown.

Lagoon Valley

Mixed use project in Vacaville, California comprised of 1015 homes, 750 sq ft commercial on 625 acres.

Brighton Village

140 high density single-family detached homes, located on First Street in Downtown Livermore, California.

Irby Ranch in Pleasanton

Planned, medium-density 120 single-family detached homes project on Stanley Blvd and First Street in Pleasanton, California, 2 blocks from downtown.


Mulit-generational project in Antioch California comprised of 533 homes, sports part & lifestyle center, including nearly 50 acres of parks and open space.

The Highlands

Mixed use, master planned project in South Monterey County, California comprised of over 2,000 homes, 40 acres of commercial space with boutique wineries & tasting rooms, 18 hole championship golf course.





Mike Serpa

Mike Serpa is the founder and driving force behind Concentric Development Group. Mike's experience includes more than $6.5 billion in projects over 20 years. Prior to the past decade of success, Mike had success in various executive leadership positions with PulteGroup (formerly Pulte Homes) and Centex Homes in the public sector as well as the Surland Companies (homebuilder) and The Ryness Company (sales & marketing consultant) in the private sector. Mike holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California with an emphasis in Real Estate Investment and an MBA from the University of Oregon. Mike is also a licensed real estate broker and a licensed General Contractor in the State of California. Mike played linebacker for the University of Southern California Trojan football team where he earned 4 varsity letters, 3 Pacific 10 Conference Championships, and appeared in 3 Rose Bowl Championships. Mike’s favorite past time is fitness and he has completed more than 150 triathlons including 2 Ironman distance races.

Mike Serpa

Mike Serpa:

925.389.1675 (c)
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